In 1992, after the dissolution of the CRAZY BROTHERS, six former members of the club founded the HARLEY DAVIDSON CLUB CATALUNYA.

The structure of the club, grew slowly with the recruitment of new members, but always keeping the spirit and philosophy which was founded as a meeting place for more than just friends who love Harley Davidson and the world that surroundings.

In 1993, it’s organized the first rally of Harley Davidson Club Catalunya at a campsite in Calafell, because, at that time the council of the municipality could not grant us the pavilion where they did the previous two rallysHarley Davidson. Although some concentration in 1993 was the third, we want to make clear, true to the truth, that the meetings of the years 1991 and 1992, although they were organized by the same people, they still were members of the of CRAZY BROTHERS 1991 and the HDC-SPAIN in 1992, two clubs that no longer exist today and that no current club can be considered his heir. Therefore we can say that no currently active partnership can be attributed your organization. Therefore, if we look at the dates of all concentrations from Spain, the HARLEY DAVIDSON CLUB CATALUNYA has the honor of being the active club that is organizing the collection of Harley Davidson in Spain with the most seniority of all, since its first meeting was held in May 1993.

Finally in 1994 the concentrations began to make a new space, the quarry, but not as we know it today, then it was a poorly-conditioned, a landfill with waste everywhere, but it was the only place that the council could offer.

Between 1995 and 2007 with the quarry getting better conditioned, through the efforts of many partners and friends of the club, were celebrating the annual concentrations in this space, already members of the Federation of Harley Davidson Clubs of Europe (FHDCE) . For a time, the quarry was largely managed by HDC CATALUNYA and become our Club House. But now the HDC Catalunya is fully detached and not involved in any aspect of its management or operation.
In this period were born and disappeared several twinned with the HDC HDC CATALUNYA.

These clubs have always been managed by its members as the HDC CATALUNYA fully independent and always have been free to decide what should be their way. At present only stay connected to each other the HDC CATALUNYA, the HDC-Gran Canaria and the HDC-Euskalerria.
During the period between 2002 and 2007 as a whole living entity, the HDC CATALUNYA was evolving and adapting to changes that were required in each new situation. Until one of these changes, we did decide in 2008 moving Calafell concentration closer to the beach.

For 2009 and 2010 also decided to change the location of the meeting, always with the intention of improving what we offer to those attending the rally. The site chosen was, Tomoví The enclosure in the Town of El Vendrell

And in 2012, we have moved back to the beach, this time in the homely town of Cubelles, in Barcelona province.